Meet José, he is a young man whose main barrier to gainful employment is being deaf. He joined the Christian vocational training program after being frustrated because of his lack of communication skills beyond sign language. In order to gain a more promising employment future, he had a burning desire to overcome these barriers.

At the Christian Vocational Centre, he met passionate staff who developed a plan to help him achieve his employment goals. The plan would see him begin with the supervised Work Adjustment Program where he received vocational training on the important work-related behaviors such as proper grooming, productivity, punctuality just to name but a few.

He got a life coach who was also his interpreter and from the work adjustment program he had already acquired good work skiPeace-Of-Mind-Through-Christian-Meditation-219x300lls and ethics. Through a paid internship, he learned what employers demand and now he not only arrives on time but also observes good grooming. According to his coach his attitude and behavior has been completely transformed. José enjoys working and the program has helped him so much.

He even discovered his talent in painting and has received professional training as a painter. Through a partnership with this St Louis Bathroom Remodeling company with Christian values, he has joined a crew of home remodeling experts where he gets to use his painting skills. The company is glad to have him as part of the team.

There are many people with disabilities who face lots of challenges especially in finding gainful employment. Through this program over five hundred individual with disabilities have managed to overcome difficult barriers. They are now able to receive a paycheck through the work opportunities offered through the program.

Today Jose continues to work in home renovations where has acquired a lot of experience and has become an inspiration for other deaf people. He dreams of starting his own business someday, but now he is comfortable being a part of the team. He has learned other ways of communicating outside sign language and he follows instructions well. The home renovation skills will go a long way in helping him earn a living not only today but in the future as well.

Apart from painting now he also does other kinds of jobs such as plumbing, plastering, tiling and so much more. There are very good programs to support people with disabilities, but they lack support. Employers must be more accommodating so that they can offer opportunities to people with disabilities. We are glad that most companies we have approached for internship opportunities have responded positively.

This program shall be extended to other states to reach other people in need and get more people with disabilities to become self-reliant. We are happy to see people succeed through this initiative.



Giving Hope To Those Who Need It

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