Giving Hope To Those Who Need It

Meet José, he is a young man whose main barrier to gainful employment is being deaf. He joined the Christian vocational training program after being frustrated because of his lack of communication skills beyond sign language. In order to gain a more promising employment future, he had a burning desire to overcome these barriers.

At the Christian Vocational Centre, he met passionate staff who developed a plan to help him achieve his employment goals. The plan would see him begin with the supervised Work Adjustment Program where he received vocational training on the important work-related behaviors such as proper grooming, productivity, punctuality just to name but a few.

He got a life coach who was also his interpreter and from the work adjustment program he had already acquired good work skiPeace-Of-Mind-Through-Christian-Meditation-219x300lls and ethics. Through a paid internship, he learned what employers demand and now he not only arrives on time but also observes good grooming. According to his coach his attitude and behavior has been completely transformed. José enjoys working and the program has helped him so much.

He even discovered his talent in painting and has received professional training as a painter. Through a partnership with this St Louis Bathroom Remodeling company with Christian values, he has joined a crew of home remodeling experts where he gets to use his painting skills. The company is glad to have him as part of the team.

There are many people with disabilities who face lots of challenges especially in finding gainful employment. Through this program over five hundred individual with disabilities have managed to overcome difficult barriers. They are now able to receive a paycheck through the work opportunities offered through the program.

Today Jose continues to work in home renovations where has acquired a lot of experience and has become an inspiration for other deaf people. He dreams of starting his own business someday, but now he is comfortable being a part of the team. He has learned other ways of communicating outside sign language and he follows instructions well. The home renovation skills will go a long way in helping him earn a living not only today but in the future as well.

Apart from painting now he also does other kinds of jobs such as plumbing, plastering, tiling and so much more. There are very good programs to support people with disabilities, but they lack support. Employers must be more accommodating so that they can offer opportunities to people with disabilities. We are glad that most companies we have approached for internship opportunities have responded positively.

This program shall be extended to other states to reach other people in need and get more people with disabilities to become self-reliant. We are happy to see people succeed through this initiative.



Empowering women through Embroidery

The empowerment of women through community programs is one of our most important initiatives. As a Christian organization, we believe that the best way to manifest our faith is to put it into action. We have worked with women who have suffered abuse and almost lost hope. Through our dedicated members, we are helping these women in unfortunate situations rebuild their lives.
The heart-wrenching ordeals some of these women we have gone through can make you cry. The story of Sasha is a story of hope, she was brought up in the ghetto. Being poor her father was never around and her mother could not meet the basic needs for the four of them in their family. All she ever knew was the streets and that is where she faced all manner of abuse. At a very young age she had been molested, with no one to protect her only solace was drugs. She got into prostitution to get money for drugs and food and that is how she got pregnant. She lived in an abandoned building with her baby and through our outreach program we managed to get to her.
Right now her story is a different one, at the age of 23 she has joined other groups of women to become successful entrepreneurs. She has had a positive change in her life through a self-help group where they have learned the skill of embroidery. After mastering the skill of embroidery, the women can make items such as shirts, hats, jackets which they sell to make money. Through the money they save and availability of soft loans, many of them have managed to buy the best embroidery machine for home business.
The success of the program has made it possible for many unemployed single mothers to put food on the table. Embroidery is a great therapy for women who have suffered abuse and it offers a way for them to provide for themselves and their families. After undergoing a rehabilitation program, many have chosen to get away from drugs and prostitution and start embroidery.
Our training program takes about six months after which the women get access to soft loans to set up their home embroidery business. We help them get a market for their products through our church members.
According to Sasha she now gets clients visiting her home asking for some of her latest designs. It is nice to see her get back her pride and to feel a useful member of the society. She has discovered her artistic talent in embroidery and from her income she has managed to pay back the loan she took for the embroidery machine.
The emotional support is vital to get the women focused. We encourage regular meet ups to assess the progress of our members and the spiritual impact in their lives. Other local organizations have joined in our work and we hope to find even more disadvantaged women to help. Apart from embroidery, we have volunteers teaching basic computer skills, financial skills, sports, music, dancing and so much more.

It is difficult to get disadvantaged women out of drugs and prostitution if we do not offer them an alternative way to earn an income to support themselves and their children. We have seen the lives of women get transformed, now instead of worrying about HIV, and STDs they are preoccupied with embroidery work. Sasha now dreams of setting up her own shop, the impact of the program is a blessing to the community.

Why you want to be Mr. John?

There is a man whose ultimate goal, is the simplification of your life in every manner possible, so much so that his company’s tagline is “ Relax, It’s Done”

The ever so convenient and famous Phoenix house cleaning service company called Maid Complete which focuses not only on cleaning services but also fulfilling the demands of its customers.

customer serviceBut, the company is not just known for its ethical standards or amazing customer service, but the fact that it’s founder who is a new inclusion to our network who donates the majority of the profits to Christian charities and supports various causes and events, which need major funding.

Mr. John is a perfect idol of someone who not only has the knowledge of business but also is humble and genuine in nature. He believes that only when you contribute to the society, will you ever reap benefits for the same. He has constantly been supporting charities, which look after causes such as Poverty, Children’s Education and Women Empowerment. Recently, he even funded a major event called the “Joy of Giving” from his quarterly profits.

Having been a part of this network, he has been able to reach customers who believe in the same philosophy as him, and want to contribute to the society in whichever way possible.

We wish him all the best in all his endeavors and hope to see him grow even more!

Bathroom Renovations Business – A new outlook and perspective!

Say Hello to Mr. Jacob!

He is the founder of, which is one of the most upcoming online sites in the Bathroom Renovation Industry, which is threatening to give already established businesses, a run for their money!

Bathroom Renovation IndustryThe business focuses on after sales service as well, and is one of their unique selling points, for the fact that even if after one month after the completion, if there are any complaints or problems faced by the client, the company will reimburse/repair free of charge, that also with a smile on their face!

Moving on, if you were to meet Mr. Jacob, you would never realize that he is the one who goes to his client’s addresses for personal feedback and recommendations, so as to put in a personal touch. He has been a part of our network for quite a while now and has been able to recruit some of the best executive board members via our resources and networking.

Bathroom Pros is a perfect example of how an entrepreneur who deeply believes in Christianity and has a deep sense of security is able to succeed in his endeavors by constantly reaching out to those with similar mindsets and have a wonderful work rapport.

We can’t wait to see what heights Mr. Jacob is sure to achieve!

Networking – The Right Way!

A lot of times, it so happens that networking is often misunderstood with “Socializing” because a lot of times, we tend to not understand the fine line between trying to impress the other one with trying to build a relationship.

Networking can be done the right way, which we have experienced for all these years, by following some basic tips and tricks;

  1. Maintain Eye-Contact

When you shake hands with an individual, always try to maintain eye contact, because it showcases confidence and the respect that you hold for the other.

  1. Dress Appropriately

Dress AppropriatelyBe it a formal event, or an informal one, what you wear kind of reflects on the kind of person you are and whether or not you should be taken seriously at all.

  1. Be Aware

Always try to realize what you are talking about and how to maneuver the conversation to suit your comfort. And always remember that if you aren’t too sure about some facts, don’t try to flaunt it, because that may just play out well.

  1. Contact Information

Be sure to leave your contact information, especially by the end of the conversation so as to let the other one know expressively well how to get in touch with you, especially if you can exchange business cards or numbers.

Hope you guys can inculcate some of these points in your daily life and have a better networking session soon!