Say Hello to Mr. Jacob!

He is the founder of, which is one of the most upcoming online sites in the Bathroom Renovation Industry, which is threatening to give already established businesses, a run for their money!

Bathroom Renovation IndustryThe business focuses on after sales service as well, and is one of their unique selling points, for the fact that even if after one month after the completion, if there are any complaints or problems faced by the client, the company will reimburse/repair free of charge, that also with a smile on their face!

Moving on, if you were to meet Mr. Jacob, you would never realize that he is the one who goes to his client’s addresses for personal feedback and recommendations, so as to put in a personal touch. He has been a part of our network for quite a while now and has been able to recruit some of the best executive board members via our resources and networking.

Bathroom Pros is a perfect example of how an entrepreneur who deeply believes in Christianity and has a deep sense of security is able to succeed in his endeavors by constantly reaching out to those with similar mindsets and have a wonderful work rapport.

We can’t wait to see what heights Mr. Jacob is sure to achieve!

Bathroom Renovations Business – A new outlook and perspective!